Greek Week at Hofstra

Hofstra’s frats and sororities have gathered for their annual Greek Week competition to see who is the best. With many events spread throughout the week like relay races, toga parties and flag football, the Greek societies are having fun and raising money for worthy causes.


A Long Winter at Hofstra

It’s been a long winter at Hofstra, with temperatures holding in the mid-teens for most of the semester. Campus has been bombarded with snow, disrupting classes and making it difficult for students to get around.

Life as a Student Commuter


Hofstra University Commuters Tackle Parking

For commuters at Hofstra University, driving to school has its perks and downfalls. One of the main issues is parking.

Although driving to school takes less travel time compared to public transportation, very few parking lots are available for commuters and they fill up pretty fast.

Fifty-four percent of Hofstra students commute and have designated parking spaces. There is one large commuter parking lot located by Breslin Hall and the law school as well as the north side of campus.

Public Safety has been working continuously to improve parking conditions for students who do not live in dorms. Director of Public Safety, Karen O’Callaghan, talked about the concerns students had about parking.

“I think the biggest issue with the parking is that students want to be able to park as close as they possibly can,” said O’Callaghan. “We have enough parking, but it’s sometimes on the north campus and it’s a little bit of a walk for students to get to class.”

Although Public Safety claims that there are enough parking spaces available, the lots that are located across the campus are often far away from students classes.

Senior Djenane Beaulieu, who commutes from Albertson in Nassau County, has to walk 10 minutes from her parking space in order to get to her classes.

“I park on the other side of campus which is the Student Center parking lot and it’s a lot easier because there is always a guaranteed spot,” said Beaulieu. “But at the same time it’s still far from my other classes.I have to walk through the parking lot and through the actual Student Center to go to my class on the other side.”

Students are not the only ones who have trouble finding parks on campus, but faculty as well. Joe Peyronnin, associate journalism professor who commutes from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, leaves his house early to avoid the inconvenience of finding a park in the commuter’s parking lot.

“I leave my house before 7 am even though I don’t have class until 10,” said Peyronnin. “I make it my business to get there [Hofstra University] early that way I know that I am going to get parking. But it also allows me to do more prep work for class.”

O’Callaghan and Public Safety are looking for ways to organize parking on busy school days.

“We always have space even on the busiest days but some of the things we are looking at is the class schedules and balancing class schedules because Tuesdays and Thursdays are our worst days,” said O’Callaghan.


The biggest problem that commuters as facing not only at Hofstra University but also across Long Island is the trouble with parking. On all campus there is a limited amount of parking space. Student’s continually complain about how much time and effort it takes to find a parking space, and after doing so they are late to class. Additionally, in respects to Hofstra University, traffic jams are another concern especially on Hempstead Turnpike since students from 2 universities and local community members are trying to get home. All commuter students believe that something needs to be done about it, possible creating bigger parking lots or creating more parking areas.

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The ever rising cost of college

College cost are on the rise every year. Unfortunately that has become a fact of life. But the cost can change depending on the type of school you go to and even what country you go to school in. This graph shows some of these statistics and how the cost of college has changed since many of today’s college students were born.


Where is Flight 370?

It’s been over a month since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing. The Boeing 777 plane en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has not been spotted since March 8th, when it lost radio and satellite contact. In that time an international search crew has been scanning the Indian and Pacific Oceans with boats, sonar, and satellite imaging for any clues to help solve the mystery of Flight 370. Watching these events unfold has left many people baffled as to how a plane so big can just disappear off the map. It has also led to much speculation as to the plane’s final destination. While the world watches the continuing search, I asked Hofstra students about some of their thoughts on the missing flight.

Luigi Romano, Resident Assistant

Luigi Romano explaining to a student different housing options for the fall.

Luigi Romano explaining to a student different housing options for the fall.

Recently, I interviewed Luigi Romano, a sophomore who is a resident assistant in the Delft House of the Netherlands complex. Romano is a TV video production major and hopes to work one day for a major television company doing production work. As an R.A. some of the tasks he performs include: setting up and organizing bulletin boards in his residence hall, managing mail delivery to resident of the Netherlands complex, responding to disturbances when on-call, and organizing events and programs for residents, as well as serving as a mentor. Romano is also the vice president of the Hofstra chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

My view of the Big East Tournament

The Big East Men’s Basketball tournament began last night with a doubleheader between Seton Hall and Butler, and DePaul and Georgetown. It was a night of many firsts. I’ve watched the Big East tournament all my life, but I had never been in person. It was also my first trip to Madison Square Garden. Most importantly, it was the first tournament of the “new” Big East. Due to conference re-alignment many of the schools formerly in the Big East like UConn, Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers, Louisville and West Virginia, the Big East has some new faces. What was once arguably the best basketball conference in the country, has been reduced to a mid-major conference. As a lifelong UConn Huskies fan, it is strange to think there will be no more six-overtime thrillers against hated rival Syracuse or a 5-wins-in-5-days run that propelled the Huskies to the National Championship in 2011. Though some familiar faces are still around (Villanova, Georgetown, Providence) the glory days of the Big East are gone. Despite all this both games were very exciting and down-to-the-wire finishes. Seton Hall and DePaul played well, but I think Villanova will walk away from this week as Big East champion.
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My first time on-air

Last night Hofstra women’s lacrosse played host to the third ranked Terrapins of the University of Maryland. They would lead early but end up losing by a score of 14 to 3.

I was not on-site for the game but I was in-studio doing my first in-game sports update. It was an exciting moment for me because I had been working hard at the station to be able to get on air. It’s my goal to be an on-air talent one day so it felt great to take this first step.

Keeping up with the game online

Keeping up with the game online

The game itself was not particularly exciting. Hofstra was a big underdog facing the number three team in the country. The Pride did keep it close early on but as the first half continued Maryland pulled away and would finish with an 11 goal win.

I had to arrive at WRHU around 3:15 pm and it is normally required to be in at least two hour before game time. I had written an update before for the Hofstra Morning Wake-up Call but those updates are much more general sports. When you are covering a particular sport for a game, you should always include all other league games and any interesting matchups around the country, such as a top 20 scoreboard. The update usually last anywhere from a ninety seconds to 2 minutes.

From the outside looking in

From the outside looking in

Operating the board for this game was Mark Weiner, who is also the producer of the New York Islanders broadcasts.

“I’m in charge of all the production not just for the Islanders but also for the sports department.” said Weiner “I do a lot of stuff involving that like making promos for games and during games I am a leader in studio so I have to make sure everyone acts appropriately.”

View from one of the other studios

View from one of the other studios

Also in studio for the game was Joe Corbiseiro, who was hosting the pregame and postgame shows. Following the men’s lacrosse game earlier in the day sports department director Julian Coltre stopped by the studio to make sure the broadcast was going well.

“ I have to oversee a 40 person department and it is sometimes daunting but it is something I have wanted to do since I came to the radio station.” said Coltre.

In the game Coltre called, the Hofstra men’s lacrosse team pulled off a big upset over Fairfield University who is ranked 17th in the NCAA.

“We wanted to come together as a team to play the way that we all know we can play.” said Chris Selva, Hofstra goalie. “We’re a good team and when we play together we can fire on all


My view of the control board

My view of the control board

It was great to be able to finally get on-air during a Hofstra sporting event. I want to continue working hard at WRHU so that I can get further on-air assignments.

The control board, where everything runs through

The control board, where everything runs through

Super Bowl doesn’t play out the way I thought

Super Bowl XLVIII was anything but the tight matchup between the NFL’s two best teams set in snowy New Jersey that had been advertised.

The snow, which football pundits said would ruin the game never arrived. And the game, a 43-8 blowout by the Seattle Seahawks was over almost as soon as it began.

“The game was a huge let down. I thought it could have gone either way,” said John Pierson, a sports reporter at WTNH in Connecticut. “Like many I was surprised at the ease which Seattle won. They dominated in all 3 phases of the game.”

I had picked the Denver Broncos to win, and it was a hard pick because I felt it was one of the more evenly matched games in recent years. Denver, who had the league’s top offense set records for points scored (606), touchdown passes (55), and passing yards(5477). Seattle, had the NFL’s top defense and had been stifling teams all season. The statistics pointed to a game that would be back and forth all night.

From the first offensive play by Denver, a botched snap leading to a Seattle safety, I knew that the game would not turn out how I previously thought. Peyton Manning, the Broncos quarterback, was again hearing the criticism that he was not a big game quarterback. Although league’s greatest quarterbacks, Manning has only won the Super Bowl once in 15 seasons.

“I think it will be remembered for Peyton Manning’s struggles,” said Jason La Canfora, an NFL insider for CBS. “He was poor, he faltered on the biggest stage, and for all he has accomplished, if he never plays in a Super Bowl again than this will haunt him, I believe. It doesn’t detract from his accomplishments, but it is part of his story.”

As for the weather, the prediction of snow was off by about 24 hours as the snow finally came Monday morning. The weather Sunday was windy and in the 40’s, typical football weather for cities like Denver and Seattle.

“Playing in cold weather has its challenges, as I learned while playing high school football,” said Justin Pelazza, a former high school football player from Connecticut. “Players use the same things fans use.I had hand warmers and double layers on when I played.”

I don’t think the weather would’ve made a difference in the game. Some of the NFL’s greatest games have been played in worse conditions, like the Ice Bowl in 1967, or the 1958 “Greatest Game Ever Played” both games reaching into the negatives on the thermometer. Football players will play in any weather, and those in Denver and Seattle are accustomed to cold weather games.

“The weather was a non-issue and I expect the overall success of this project to lead to more outdoor Super Bowls in cold weather spots like Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago every once in a while,” said La Canfora.

This Super Bowl showed that cold-weather areas like New Jersey can host events of this size. It may open up the door for more northern cities to host in the future. The game itself showed nobody knows what will happen despite the “expert” opinions and analysis.

State of the Union 2014 Live-blog

My Live-blog on President Obama’s fifth State of the Union address. watch the full video here

10:21- Speech over, hard to watch. truly believe Obama’s policies ruining America, making it harder for younger generation to live and survive. Many empty promises, many more to come for sure

10:17 Corey Remsburg, definition of American hero, more help should be given to troops for mental & physical needs

10:13 Obama talking about giving help to those in disasters, and improving infrastructure around the world. Why not focus more of these efforts at home instead of abroad?

10:06- Obama wants out of Gitmo, said that in ’09. what’s the hold up?

10:06 Privacy of ordinary people has already been violated, someone at the NSA is probably monitoring me writing this blog

10:04 Obama talking about preventing terror attacks but won’t answer questions on Benghazi, has allowed Hillary Clinton to go unpunished for misleading public

10:00-“The size of our bank accounts should not drive our democracy” says the man who spent $1billion on last election

9:50- with many small businesses struggling to get by, how many can afford to pay $10 an hour?

9:38 Improve unemployment insurance by going after the frauds that live their whole lives off other people’s money, don’t empower them to suck America even drier

9:36- to really fix immigration why not kick out the 20+million illegals in this country? that’s 20 million jobs for Americans. two birds with one stone Mr. President

931:-talking about adding money to research. what about the $500 million investment in the solar energy company that went belly-up?

9:28 Again talking about acting on his own, because he knows he can’t get Congress to work with him, sign of a bad leader

9:23- Obama wants to “take steps to act without legislation”. In other words illegal activity

9:18 Obama talking about employment lowering, but many people have stopped looking for jobs

9:11- Obama entering